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Posted 21st September 2009

Ingrid Sinclair, UK/Zimbabwe

Ingrid_SinclairIngrid Sinclair is an international producer and director. Her feature film Flame (1996) about two girls who joined the liberation army to fight for Zimbabwe’s independence and is based on the real accounts of female fighters, received awards and standing ovations world-wide. Flame screened at various film festival including Milan, Rotterdam and New York, and was selected for Director’s Fortnight at Cannes. Ingrid has directed several documentaries, including Bird From Another World, about the work of Zimbabwean sculptors; and Biopiracy: Who Owns Life? which deals with the WTO patent agreements which exploit genetic material supplied by peasant farmers in India and traditional healers in Zimbabwe. Ingrid’s films deal with the day-to-day drama of politics, history, geography, culture and the way they affect people, turning them into both villains and heroes. Her ability to concentrate on intimate detail allows her to breathe the warmth of emotional life into myths and icons that have become fixed and untouchable. Ingrid currently works in southern Africa and the UK in the fields of media for health and environment as well as co-running an African film festival in Bristol, continuing to make her own films and working with refugees.

Ingrid will take part in a discussion after the screening of Flame on Sun 25 Oct.

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