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Posted 21st September 2009

Alessandro Triulzi, Italy

Alessandro_TriulziAlessandro Triulzi is Professor of Sub-Saharan African History and coordinator of the PhD Programme in African Studies at the Università di Napoli ‘L’Orientale’. He has carried out fieldwork among the Ashanti of Ghana, the Berta and the Oromo of western Ethiopia and is currently directing research among asylum seekers from the Horn of Africa in Rome. His main research interests cover 19th and 20th century Ethiopian history, peace and conflict in the Horn of Africa, colonial memory and postcolonial violence, migrant memories and identities. Among his publications are: Remapping Ethiopia. Socialism and After (co-ed, with W. James, D. Donham, E. Kurimoto, Oxford 2002); State, Power, and New Political Actors in Postcolonial Africa (with M.C. Ercolessi, Milan 2004); Documents for Wallaga History (1880s-1920s E.C.) , vol. I: Amharic Texts (with T. Ta’a, Addis Ababa 2004); Dopo la violenza. Costruzioni di memoria nel mondo contemporaneo (ed., Napoli 2005); (with Ruth Iyob) “Il ritorno della memoria coloniale”, special issue, afriche & orienti, 1, 2007; L’Archivio delle memorie migranti, book + dvd of Come un uomo sulla terra (Like a man on earth), Rome 2009 (in print).

Prof Triulzi, who worked as a researcher and producer on the documentary Come un uomo sulla terra, will present a seminar on the research context of the film and take part in a discussion after the screening on Wed 28 Oct.

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